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We decided on a name! August 5, 2012

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If you hadn’t guess from my previous post we are having another little boy!

We also decided on the name. For us the meaning of the name is very important and I always wanted to give my kids first names from the Bible.

His name will be Solomon David Hezekiah.

Solomon means peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses. David means well-beloved, dear; beloved. Hezekiah means strength of the Lord. A good strong name and it fits.

My husband and I talked about and we knew we wanted to use the name David after our good friend and doula David. He is an amazing man who has been a huge help and blessing for our whole family. We love him dearly and he is truly become one of the family.

This kiddo feels much more mellow and even keel to me like Johnathon was, Zephaniah was and still is my wild child. 🙂 I can’t wait to get to know him more and meet him face to face when he comes out!

I am working on my birth plan and I am also starting to do my pregnancy yoga youtube video every day in hopes of getting this baby into an optimal birth position. I am also trying to do the miles circuit a few times a week at least. David is also going to teach Sean how to sift to hopefully help that some too. I really want this baby born at the birth center in the water. I had to transfer last time for pitocin because my water broke and my labor stalled out. I want to prevent that if at all possible this time!


Restful Day of Hodge Podge :-) July 30, 2012

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Today was just a lazy day. We did a few cleaning projects but we mostly just spent quiet time as a family. I am working on Zephaniah’s crib mobile (I know, bad mommy!) and in my defense I haven’t had a chance to work on it since we were homeless when he was born. But I guess I could have worked on it when we moved in but I just haven’t wanted to. 😉 Anyway we had grilled veggies (on our George Foreman Grill since we apartment dwellers!)  for lunch and dinner since this is what Fergie demanded.

We find out -baby willing,  in a few days what we are having. For some reason I keep thinking of the letter M in my head when I think of names. I wonder if we will pick an M name! Sean is horrible and shooting down all my name choices again, just like he did with Zephaniah, you think he would learn by now!  And believe it or not I have found the best resource for baby names I have found is Wikipedia! Easy to use and from what I can tell (After asking the experts!) that it is pretty accurate as far as meanings go and it has convenient lists prepared for me since I want to use Bible names.

For now I think most people are just waiting to hear PINK OR BLUE? Including me! I am super excited to find out!


Naming Number Three July 19, 2012

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We’ve been thinking a lot about names for this little one. Johnathon has already decided on “Fergie.” We think it is totally adorable and we are using it as a place holder name until we know the “real” one. With my other two sons I sort of had this epiphany at some point in my pregnancy where I just KNEW their names. I have yet to have that with this babe but I am looking around seeing what I can see. Meaning is very important to me and Sean in a name and I have always wanted Bible names for first names with my kids.  Also if they were very wicked in the Bible (Jezebel anyone?) I don’t want to name my children with those names since they carry a negative connotation for me.
Johnathon’s name means “Gift of Jehovah” and Zephaniah’s name means “Protected or hidden by God.”  Both beautiful meanings for two beautiful boys.

With every pregnancy I worry the babe will not have a name and we always come up with something long before baby makes an appearance! I am starting to get antsy about finding out this baby’s sex! I want to know! I truly admire those of you who can wait until your baby comes but for me it makes the baby more real to me and gives me time to plan. Maybe once I have had one of each (And a good stock of each set of clothes!) I will wait to find out.  Gender neutral clothes just aren’t as much fun to me I guess.  I always always bring a neutral outfit to delivery though since ultrasound techs have been wrong before!  Anyway we should be able to know in about 3 weeks. We are waiting for the authorization from insurance to schedule the appointment. 🙂