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Blessingway! It was beautiful! March 26, 2013

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So since I posted last lots has happened I will update everything one post at a time and try to keep them in order. I had my blessingway which was awesome. Brenda did an awesome job with everything. The food was delicious, the decor she made was beautiful and everyone was so sweet.  Here are the pictures from that.


My belly and hand henna.

blessignway 2 blessignway 3

Brenda did an awesome job!

blessingeay blessingway henna belly

Everyone decorated their hand with a heart<3

henna hands 2 henna hands


Zephaniah’s FIRST Birthday Party! July 29, 2012

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Today had a rough start since Sean had a seizure this morning. I had to move him so he wouldn’t hurt himself really bad and hurt myself in the process. I guess lifting your husband who weighs more than you do while pregnant isn’t always a good idea. ūüôā He’s fine and I will be fine. ¬†I had many amazing friends come together and we made his party happen. It was wonderful and low-key and the kids all seemed to love it!

Zephaniah seemed to enjoy his smash cake a whole lot which I am so happy about. He started slow but eventually just started flinging it everywhere!  He made a lovely mess out of the table and himself but that was an easy fix since I put a plastic table cover down and he is easy to hose off.

He also loved his presents from everyone! However he also loved the grass and the paper too! You know kids though, no matter how expensive and cool the toy is they will play with the box!

Anyway here are some pictures ūüôā


Cupcake decorating! July 28, 2012

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So I decided to do cupcakes for Zephaniah’s Party tomorrow because that would be so much easier then cake. What I didn’t think about was frosting them! ¬†I have no idea how to pipe things and just slapping the icing on them wouldn’t look very cute. Good thing I have good friends willing to help me! I had ¬†three friends show up and we had a blast icing cupcakes! I even took some pictures. I learned how to ice and use a piping bag the right way! It was way way easier then I thought it was going to be. Pretty excited to use my new found skills again soon! ¬†Hopefully for Johnathon’s birthday! He wants a Ponyo birthday! Lord ¬†help me!

We took the kids into the pool for a little bit once we were done to cool off after being in the hot kitchen for so long. ¬†We went in a little hot and came out freezing! ¬†Then we sat around and talked some. ūüôā We are going to hang out again since we all agreed it was super fun!

Now for pictures of our hard work!

A single cupcake!

The pile of cupcakes! Forgive me,  I am new to instagram and have no idea why the border is there and not on the first picture!

Amazing Brenda piped this all for Zephaniah’s smash cake! How fun!


Zephaniah’s First Birthday Party and Cupcake Dilemma July 23, 2012

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I really love part planning. My second baby turns one in 2 days and I am busy with a few little things for his very first birthday party on Saturday. I just need to figure out how to frost cupcakes¬†nicely¬†since I am too cheap to get the store ones. Besides home made always tastes better anyway! I am pretty sure I can use a zippy bag to pipe it out onto the cakes in a less messy more pretty way however as crafty as I am I am not usually super great at the whole cake decorating thing! I usually end up with a huge¬†tasty¬†mess! ¬†Am I using the wrong frosting? Or maybe I am just missing something lol. I am also wanting to decorate a giant cupcake for his smash cake he will have all to himself to mess as much as he pleases. ¬†I figure that can’t be too hard right? Hopefully? Any feedback from my readers?
Pinterest gave me a ton of ideas for this party too, figuring out how to do them cheaply was the trick. Hopefully I can pull it off decently enough! If you wanted to see my board check it out here: http://pinterest.com/sarahbeth_roro/zephaniah-s-first-birthday/

The little dude has just been taking his first steps along in the last few days with lots of encouragement from us. He just took 6 wobbly steps in a row right to me before he went to bed tonight. He was so cute and he giggled the whole time! So cute! I uploaded a video of when we got him to walk earlier today too. If you want to see it then check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwV0T_ZD1mw


Protected: Rainbow Baby Duckies July 17, 2012

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