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Blessingway! It was beautiful! March 26, 2013

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So since I posted last lots has happened I will update everything one post at a time and try to keep them in order. I had my blessingway which was awesome. Brenda did an awesome job with everything. The food was delicious, the decor she made was beautiful and everyone was so sweet.  Here are the pictures from that.


My belly and hand henna.

blessignway 2 blessignway 3

Brenda did an awesome job!

blessingeay blessingway henna belly

Everyone decorated their hand with a heart<3

henna hands 2 henna hands



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Meredith was finally able to get our announcement pictures back to us! Darn her working 3 jobs! This makes the official announcement!

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We are having our third BOY! His name will be Solomon David Hezekiah!


Blessingway August 8, 2012

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I am thinking that for this baby it would be fun to do a Blessingway party instead of a baby shower. My thought is that every baby deserves a celebration but we really really don’t need any more boy stuff since this will be our third boy! I like the idea of a Blessingway since it is more focused on the celebration of new life rather than STUFF. Which I really don’t think there is anything wrong with a baby shower, it just doesn’t fit with what our family needs or wants right now. I am a little worried about how all of the attention might be focused on me for so long because I was raised to be “Selfless” and “Not desire attention” to the point that it was almost shameful if you had attention on you in any way. Now I don’t think this now but  those feelings come up for me sometimes just because I was basically brain-washed into thinking that for so long. The other issue is making sure people can and want to come. I feel like I want the event to be on the small side and in the evening so hopefully everyone’s kiddos including my own can be sleeping and mothers can have a good time without having to worry about them.

A few of the traditions I have been reading about include beads/charms being given to make a necklace for the mother to wear while in labor or from then up until her birth. Each bead represents something special from the giver, and hay have something to do with a memory the woman has had with the mother or perhaps a thought she feels will be helpful during the birth such as ‘patience” or “strength.”

Another tradition that my dear friend brought to my attention  would be to write special thoughts on candles for the mother to light during her labor and birth. I have seen alternatives such as smooth rocks being used as well.

Other traditions are about taking care of or pampering the mother and preparing her for her birth. I have read about hair brushing, braiding and putting fresh flowers in her hair and giving her a foot bath or pedicure. Other focus on celebrating her pregnant form by decorating her belly with henna or doing a belly cast and decorating it.

I know for sure mine will include wine and good food though. 🙂 Maybe my birth track will play in the background!


Leaving For Our Big Ultrasound! July 31, 2012

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Of course I am hoping and praying that baby is healthy and happy in there but I have to say I am so so curious!

Pink or blue? Hopefully baby cooperates because I would be super anxious if I couldn’t find out!

Team pink?

Team blue again?

Oh baby heaven forbid! Don’t do it to mommy! Show the goods!


My Baby Turns One Today *sniffle* July 24, 2012

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My beautiful baby boy is one year old today. I can’t believe how fast that went and how far we have come. From his first time smiling at me to his recent wobbly steps towards me he is so precious to me. His arrival was a struggle for me physically and mentally but in the end I did it. The plan was to have him in the water at the Birth Center but that didn’t pan out and he was born at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. I had 5 long days of intense pre-labor that kicked my butt and a little bit of stalling one day and about a day of INTENSE contractions that took me no where fast . He wasn’t positioned just right so I didn’t dilate well even after he broke my water on Friday night. I didn’t deliver until Sunday morning with the aid of Pitocin and an Epidural.  It was definitely not my ideal delivery and not what I was expecting. In the end I was a very sore very tired very happy mamma. In the end as long as our babes get here healthy and safe that is all that matters right? Well I would like to say that a supported happy mamma is ideal and needed too. I could never have avoided a c-section without my amazing support team that included my midwife Catriona, my best friend Meredith and my doula and dear friend David as well as my husband.
My sweet boy loves food but I think he loves watermelon the most. He isn’t a super cuddly baby simply because he is too busy exploring things. He really seems to love taking things apart and causing disorder. He is always on the move but comes back to me every few minutes for just a minute for either a kiss, a hug, or some boob time. He loves his daddy and his brother and one of his favorite things is to be strapped into the Ergo on daddy’s chest for a walk. He plays with his brother and always wants whatever Johnathon is playing with. He won’t stop playing until he literally drops from exhaustion if given the choice.  He hates having a dirty diaper even for a few minutes and hates sitting still to be changed even more. He is wonderfully impatient and busy. ❤ I can’t wait to watch you grow and learn in the years to come. I am proud to have you as my son. ❤

Zephaniah 11 months old, Photography by Meredith Radwanski of Anielskie Photography

Zephaniah 7 months old photography by Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios


Little Newborn Zephaniah photography of  Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios


Naming Number Three July 19, 2012

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We’ve been thinking a lot about names for this little one. Johnathon has already decided on “Fergie.” We think it is totally adorable and we are using it as a place holder name until we know the “real” one. With my other two sons I sort of had this epiphany at some point in my pregnancy where I just KNEW their names. I have yet to have that with this babe but I am looking around seeing what I can see. Meaning is very important to me and Sean in a name and I have always wanted Bible names for first names with my kids.  Also if they were very wicked in the Bible (Jezebel anyone?) I don’t want to name my children with those names since they carry a negative connotation for me.
Johnathon’s name means “Gift of Jehovah” and Zephaniah’s name means “Protected or hidden by God.”  Both beautiful meanings for two beautiful boys.

With every pregnancy I worry the babe will not have a name and we always come up with something long before baby makes an appearance! I am starting to get antsy about finding out this baby’s sex! I want to know! I truly admire those of you who can wait until your baby comes but for me it makes the baby more real to me and gives me time to plan. Maybe once I have had one of each (And a good stock of each set of clothes!) I will wait to find out.  Gender neutral clothes just aren’t as much fun to me I guess.  I always always bring a neutral outfit to delivery though since ultrasound techs have been wrong before!  Anyway we should be able to know in about 3 weeks. We are waiting for the authorization from insurance to schedule the appointment. 🙂



Bare Bellies, Bold Mammas July 16, 2012

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After 2 babies and being 17 weeks pregnant with my third I just participated in a local group of moms baring their bellies for all to see. Here are my single shots I took of just me and my belly. I feel like it looks so bad but I have decided I should be brave. My body has cooked 2 babies and is cooking a third, it is amazing and wonderful.

Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Posted with permission photo by Tiffany Burke Photography

Posted with permission photo by Tiffany Burke Photography