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Heartburn August 11, 2012

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Old wives’ tales say heartburn while pregnant means baby with hair. For me so far this has been true. Johnathon was born with very very little hair and Zephaniah was born with a full head of fiery red hair!

Newborn Johnathon

With Johnathon I had very no heartburn and there was barely any hair on his head! I craved Mexican food (Namely taco salad!) and potatoes my whole pregnancy.

Newborn Zephaniah Photo by Jen Martin Studios

With Zephaniah I had TONS of heartburn! It almost never stopped no matter what I did! He was born with a full head of hair. I craved Mexican food (Namely enchiladas) and jalapeno poppers with raspberry sauce.

This little one is giving me heartburn again! I have been eating tums and papaya like it is going out of style as well as drinking milk to no avail! Let’s see if it is true this time too!

Did you have heartburn during your pregnancies? Where your babes born with tons of hair?


One Response to “Heartburn”

  1. I had heartburn with all of my kids – first two were baldies and my daughter came out with about an inch of jet black hair which eventually turned red and then turned brownish red. 🙂

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