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Restful Day of Hodge Podge :-) July 30, 2012

Filed under: names,Parenting,Pregnancy,Sean — rorosarahbeth @ 6:54 am

Today was just a lazy day. We did a few cleaning projects but we mostly just spent quiet time as a family. I am working on Zephaniah’s crib mobile (I know, bad mommy!) and in my defense I haven’t had a chance to work on it since we were homeless when he was born. But I guess I could have worked on it when we moved in but I just haven’t wanted to. 😉 Anyway we had grilled veggies (on our George Foreman Grill since we apartment dwellers!)  for lunch and dinner since this is what Fergie demanded.

We find out -baby willing,  in a few days what we are having. For some reason I keep thinking of the letter M in my head when I think of names. I wonder if we will pick an M name! Sean is horrible and shooting down all my name choices again, just like he did with Zephaniah, you think he would learn by now!  And believe it or not I have found the best resource for baby names I have found is Wikipedia! Easy to use and from what I can tell (After asking the experts!) that it is pretty accurate as far as meanings go and it has convenient lists prepared for me since I want to use Bible names.

For now I think most people are just waiting to hear PINK OR BLUE? Including me! I am super excited to find out!


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