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Zephaniah’s FIRST Birthday Party! July 29, 2012

Filed under: Event planning,Johnathon,Sean,Zephaniah — rorosarahbeth @ 6:16 am

Today had a rough start since Sean had a seizure this morning. I had to move him so he wouldn’t hurt himself really bad and hurt myself in the process. I guess lifting your husband who weighs more than you do while pregnant isn’t always a good idea. 🙂 He’s fine and I will be fine.  I had many amazing friends come together and we made his party happen. It was wonderful and low-key and the kids all seemed to love it!

Zephaniah seemed to enjoy his smash cake a whole lot which I am so happy about. He started slow but eventually just started flinging it everywhere!  He made a lovely mess out of the table and himself but that was an easy fix since I put a plastic table cover down and he is easy to hose off.

He also loved his presents from everyone! However he also loved the grass and the paper too! You know kids though, no matter how expensive and cool the toy is they will play with the box!

Anyway here are some pictures 🙂


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