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Cupcake decorating! July 28, 2012

Filed under: Event planning,Zephaniah — rorosarahbeth @ 8:31 am

So I decided to do cupcakes for Zephaniah’s Party tomorrow because that would be so much easier then cake. What I didn’t think about was frosting them!  I have no idea how to pipe things and just slapping the icing on them wouldn’t look very cute. Good thing I have good friends willing to help me! I had  three friends show up and we had a blast icing cupcakes! I even took some pictures. I learned how to ice and use a piping bag the right way! It was way way easier then I thought it was going to be. Pretty excited to use my new found skills again soon!  Hopefully for Johnathon’s birthday! He wants a Ponyo birthday! Lord  help me!

We took the kids into the pool for a little bit once we were done to cool off after being in the hot kitchen for so long.  We went in a little hot and came out freezing!  Then we sat around and talked some. 🙂 We are going to hang out again since we all agreed it was super fun!

Now for pictures of our hard work!

A single cupcake!

The pile of cupcakes! Forgive me,  I am new to instagram and have no idea why the border is there and not on the first picture!

Amazing Brenda piped this all for Zephaniah’s smash cake! How fun!


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