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Preschool July 27, 2012

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Who thought preschool would be so complicated? I am calling around to preschools all over and trying to talk to someone. I would prefer to send Johnathon to a Christian preschool if possible but we may not be able to afford that right now (they seem like they are all over $100 a month!) So I am also looking into more affordable state run options for him too. I worry because of his immune problems but he really really wants and needs some big kid time, especially with this new baby coming. He heard me talking about sending him to school and he got so excited. He asked me all day yesterday and all day today if we were going to school yet. I keep telling him that it is a bit off still but he insists it is very soon. He even went and got his backpack ready to go, packing the essentials: Piplup the penguin Pokemon, Jesse the yodeling cowgirl, Buzz Lightyear, and raisins in case he gets hungry. He decided that he was going to wear just his Buzz Lightyear underwear and his Cars shoes to school. I explained to him that while Cars shoes and Buzz underwear where find for home that there were rules at Preschool about what you need to be wearing. He seemed to understand that pretty well. Then I had to explain to him again that school was not today. I am very excited to take him school shopping this year but I am dreading having him away from me a little every day. I don’t like that he is growing up so fast but I am so proud of his accomplishments. He is such a smart and caring little guy, he always has time to take care of someone who is a little down. He loves playing with other kids his own age, or even those a little younger or older.  He has patience for others and sometimes is a little over-zealous in his love and need to help.

Gosh I sure do love this little guy ❤


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  1. m Says:

    How old is he? If he is 3 or 4 he would be eligible for Head Start.

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