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Organizing, Sorting, Getting Rid of Stuff and Making Room for Baby! July 26, 2012

Filed under: Johnathon,Loving myself,Pregnancy,Zephaniah — rorosarahbeth @ 12:37 am

I have spent most of today going through CRAP and bagging it up to get rid of. I guess nesting is starting a little early for me this time? Does that mean this one will be an early bird like Zephaniah? You would be surprised how much stuff a family of 4.5 accumulates over time. I am excited to  finish a trade I’ve been working on for a bunch of storage tubs. I am going to use them to sort the boys (and Fergie’s) clothes by size.  And I am just getting rid of all by my favorite 4-5 outfits from my “Skinny” clothes that will probably never fit me again anyway!  The plan is to barter/trade a few things and give most of it away. If no one local wants it I am making a huge trip to the Goodwill. We need to make room for another dresser and crib! And the usual slew of baby clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, socks, toys, bouncers swings, carriers, and miscellaneous stuff you are always convinced you need.

I did however put on my swim suit and take a dip in the community pool with my boys. 🙂

I’m starting to look/feel a little more pregnant too. 18 weeks 3 days along! Big brother Johnathon was loving on “Fergie”  right before we went out to the pool. 🙂


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