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My Baby Turns One Today *sniffle* July 24, 2012

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My beautiful baby boy is one year old today. I can’t believe how fast that went and how far we have come. From his first time smiling at me to his recent wobbly steps towards me he is so precious to me. His arrival was a struggle for me physically and mentally but in the end I did it. The plan was to have him in the water at the Birth Center but that didn’t pan out and he was born at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. I had 5 long days of intense pre-labor that kicked my butt and a little bit of stalling one day and about a day of INTENSE contractions that took me no where fast . He wasn’t positioned just right so I didn’t dilate well even after he broke my water on Friday night. I didn’t deliver until Sunday morning with the aid of Pitocin and an Epidural.  It was definitely not my ideal delivery and not what I was expecting. In the end I was a very sore very tired very happy mamma. In the end as long as our babes get here healthy and safe that is all that matters right? Well I would like to say that a supported happy mamma is ideal and needed too. I could never have avoided a c-section without my amazing support team that included my midwife Catriona, my best friend Meredith and my doula and dear friend David as well as my husband.
My sweet boy loves food but I think he loves watermelon the most. He isn’t a super cuddly baby simply because he is too busy exploring things. He really seems to love taking things apart and causing disorder. He is always on the move but comes back to me every few minutes for just a minute for either a kiss, a hug, or some boob time. He loves his daddy and his brother and one of his favorite things is to be strapped into the Ergo on daddy’s chest for a walk. He plays with his brother and always wants whatever Johnathon is playing with. He won’t stop playing until he literally drops from exhaustion if given the choice.  He hates having a dirty diaper even for a few minutes and hates sitting still to be changed even more. He is wonderfully impatient and busy. ❤ I can’t wait to watch you grow and learn in the years to come. I am proud to have you as my son. ❤

Zephaniah 11 months old, Photography by Meredith Radwanski of Anielskie Photography

Zephaniah 7 months old photography by Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios


Little Newborn Zephaniah photography of  Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios


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