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Zephaniah’s First Birthday Party and Cupcake Dilemma July 23, 2012

Filed under: Event planning,Zephaniah — rorosarahbeth @ 5:57 am

I really love part planning. My second baby turns one in 2 days and I am busy with a few little things for his very first birthday party on Saturday. I just need to figure out how to frost cupcakes nicely since I am too cheap to get the store ones. Besides home made always tastes better anyway! I am pretty sure I can use a zippy bag to pipe it out onto the cakes in a less messy more pretty way however as crafty as I am I am not usually super great at the whole cake decorating thing! I usually end up with a huge tasty mess!  Am I using the wrong frosting? Or maybe I am just missing something lol. I am also wanting to decorate a giant cupcake for his smash cake he will have all to himself to mess as much as he pleases.  I figure that can’t be too hard right? Hopefully? Any feedback from my readers?
Pinterest gave me a ton of ideas for this party too, figuring out how to do them cheaply was the trick. Hopefully I can pull it off decently enough! If you wanted to see my board check it out here: http://pinterest.com/sarahbeth_roro/zephaniah-s-first-birthday/

The little dude has just been taking his first steps along in the last few days with lots of encouragement from us. He just took 6 wobbly steps in a row right to me before he went to bed tonight. He was so cute and he giggled the whole time! So cute! I uploaded a video of when we got him to walk earlier today too. If you want to see it then check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwV0T_ZD1mw


2 Responses to “Zephaniah’s First Birthday Party and Cupcake Dilemma”

  1. Julie Jones Says:

    Hey chica I can help you!!!!! I said I would…..Friday i can come help you….or whatever day….im working till 4 in lynden but i can swing by after…if you want help 😀

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