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Naming Number Three July 19, 2012

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We’ve been thinking a lot about names for this little one. Johnathon has already decided on “Fergie.” We think it is totally adorable and we are using it as a place holder name until we know the “real” one. With my other two sons I sort of had this epiphany at some point in my pregnancy where I just KNEW their names. I have yet to have that with this babe but I am looking around seeing what I can see. Meaning is very important to me and Sean in a name and I have always wanted Bible names for first names with my kids.  Also if they were very wicked in the Bible (Jezebel anyone?) I don’t want to name my children with those names since they carry a negative connotation for me.
Johnathon’s name means “Gift of Jehovah” and Zephaniah’s name means “Protected or hidden by God.”  Both beautiful meanings for two beautiful boys.

With every pregnancy I worry the babe will not have a name and we always come up with something long before baby makes an appearance! I am starting to get antsy about finding out this baby’s sex! I want to know! I truly admire those of you who can wait until your baby comes but for me it makes the baby more real to me and gives me time to plan. Maybe once I have had one of each (And a good stock of each set of clothes!) I will wait to find out.  Gender neutral clothes just aren’t as much fun to me I guess.  I always always bring a neutral outfit to delivery though since ultrasound techs have been wrong before!  Anyway we should be able to know in about 3 weeks. We are waiting for the authorization from insurance to schedule the appointment. 🙂



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  1. We named all three of our kids after they were handed to us. We could never agree on a boy OR a girl name, and we never knew what we were having until they arrived. It kept things interesting for those around us.

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